Water Restoration

water Restoration

Water damage can originate by different sources such as a broken dishwasher hoses, washing machine overflow, dishwasher leakage, broken/leaking pipes, flood waters and clogged toilets, etc.

Water damage describes a large number of possible losses caused by water intruding where it will enable attack of a material or system by destructive processes such as rotting of wood, growth, rusting of steel, de-laminating of materials such as plywood, and many others.

When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. BH BUILDERS PRO professionals respond immediately and use advanced equipment and techniques to remove the water quickly. They closely monitor and document the drying process to verify your property is dried properly and thoroughly.

We strive to provide excellent customer service and make your damage “like it never happened.”

Being a company based off South Florida we deal with a lot of issues caused by natural disasters. Our skilled technicians are trained and experienced to deal with all kinds of disasters.

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